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we take a wide-angle approach to reviewing your current financial status in order to meet your financial goals. As federal employee benefit specialists, we carry a variety of insurance products to meet your financial objectives.

You’ve worked a lifetime preparing for the next step, and we are here to ensure that this next step is everything you want and need. No financial plan is cut-and-dry, instead each is crafted for your specific lifestyle. Alpha Financial Services is here to help with the revision of your current plan and maximize the options available to you. Learn more below!

benefit analysis

Pension Calculation


Sick/Annual Leave

Health benefits

FERS Supplement

optimize finances

Income Gap Analysis

Thrift Savings Plan

Distribution Strategy

Tax Optimization

Legacy Planning

paperwork assistance

Retirement Paperwork

Military Buy-Back

TSP Transfers/Distributions


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Join us for any of our online workshops or stop by an in-person event. Either way, you’ll have the chance to learn about bettering your financial plan from a federal employee benefit specialist!